You are on holiday with your family or you want to spend a day outdoors with your children?
What can you ask from BikeSquare Langhe?

Rear seat

The rear seat is mounted on the bike rack and can bring children who can sit alone and have a weight of up to 25 pounds.
The child seat is for free.
BikeSquare also provides the helmet for the baby for free.


The cart mounts behind the bike and allows children to weigh up to 35 kg.
The child inside the cart is secured with belts.
The cart can be covered (if the baby sleeps or you dont't want him to get too much air) or it can be opened to let him see out.
The cost of renting the cart for 1 day is 10€.
BikeSquare provides the helmet for the baby for free.


This is a kind of 'stretcher' that is attached to the adult bike. A smaller bike is attached at the trailgator. The baby can stay on the small bike and pretend to ride the bike but he does not since the wheel is above the ground level.
This solution is suitable for children aged 5-6 years.

And for those who know how to pedal?

If you come with children who already know how to go (very well) by bike, BikeSquare Langhe offers a slightly smaller bike.
The bike is suitable for children or youngsters that are taller than 140 cm and weighing at least 35kg.
Parents will have to evaluate together with the BikeSquare staff whether or not to use this bike and ... the helmet is compulsory!

Tips for routes

What to do and where to ride with your kids? On this page you will find an idea for an easy 20km journey that could be nice for you.
BikeSquare is available to propose a tour that is as close as possible to your desires, the things you would like to see and do. Just ask!


One day in ebike

The rental price for 1 bike for 1 day is 30€.
You can take the bike in the morning from 9 a.m. and return it in the afternoon before 7 p.m.

Half day in ebike

The rental price for half day is 18€.
Half day: just the morning or just the afternoon.

Rear seat: free
Trailgator: 10€
Cart: 10€
Small ebike: 30€/1day, 18€/half day
Helmet: free

From   18
per person

  • The tour starts fromNovello (Cuneo)

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