Flat land Well indicated Paved road Autoguidato Half day Relax
Difficulty:    2

E10 Appia Antica and Parco della Caffarella


Embraced by a combination of history and nature, within the Appia Antica Park, Bici Grill Decimo Miglio is born, a family business that offers cycling routes to rediscover the Reginae Viarum built and furrowed by the ancient Romans. The strategic positioning on the Via Appia Antica, in reference to the X Mile, allows you to undertake a wonderful trip to the center of the capital, with a look at antiquity; our E-Bikes will be your chariots!


Starting at €25
per person

  • It starts from Ciampino, Albano, Roma

  • 22 Km

  • 2.5 h

What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route