E04 Nemi's lake


Exciting tour near the Nemi's lake, the wildest and the most adventouros between the Castelli's lakes, where nature dominates uncontested. During the itinerary you can visit the Nemus farm along the lake's bank, where the staff organises special plays in their " straw theatre" every saturday evening. Passing through the city of Nemi you can visit the famous "boat museum". In Ariccia beyond the characteristic "fraschette" you can see Palazzo Chigi and Martorelli inn. 



Starting at €25
per person

  • It starts from Grottaferrata , Rocca Papa, nemi, Genzano , Ariccia ,Castel gandolfo, Marino

  • 27 Km

  • 1.5 h

What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route