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E-bike Tour which starts from the slopes of the Castelli Romani, from our e-bike rental point in Grottaferrata, and which arrives in the very well known Appia Antica park. Coming down from Grottaferrata, through Marciana valley, in order to reach Roma, you will go through vineyards and you will witness so many fantastic panoramas. Arriving in Santa Maria delle Mole you will begin to travel along the Appia Antica. At the tenth mile you can take a break in the Ciclo Grill by Stefano. You will have a joyful walk admiring the Berretta del Prete, the Casal Rotondo's mausoleum; on the right side of the route you can see the luxurious Villa dei Quintili and the church of Santa Maria Nova. Proceeding you will arrive to Capo di Bove and its museum. Later you will reach the Cecilia Metella's mausoleum, the Massenzio's circus and the Romolo's tomb. From this point on the open-air museum of the archeological park of the Appia Antica turns into un uncontaminated itinerary inside the nature. Approaching the Quo Vadis church you will turn right in order to reach the Caffarella park, looking at the valley you will see the Annia Reggilla's tomb and the church Santo Urbano. Passing the Caffarella park you will arrive to Parco degli Acquedotti and to Casale Vecchia Roma, finally you will come back to Castelli Romani.  



Starting from €25
per person

  • Departure from grottaferrata , ciampino, marino , roma

  • 57 Km

  • 3 h

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