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This tour runs through the countryside between Quintano, Capralba, Casaletto Vaprio and Trescore Cremasco and allows you to discover some of the most important fountains of the Cremas.

The phenomenon of water resurgence occurs in that band of variable width where there is the passage between the high plain, formed by coarse pebbles, and the low plain formed by sands and clays. The rainwater or fluvial waters penetrating under the ground do not find more space to flow and emerge limpid and at a constant temperature.

The phenomenon was used in the past for the practice of rotting: the water was running in the winter on the lawns keeping them free, then, from frost and snow and allowing further mowing even in the bad season.


  • Departure from Trescore Cremasco

  • 21.00 Km

  • 2 h

What do you find along the route