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Ebike Rental Point in Cremona: what's to know

Beega Cycling Tour has electric and normal bikes available to tourists who want to pedal to discover the Cremona area.

The Beega project was born in 2020 from collaborations between InCremona (a tourist consortium which includes the CrArT guides and the Nobile travel agency), the Cosper Social Cooperative, the Nazareth cooperative, the Ciclofficina LaGareDesGars and private citizens.

Beega was born from a mix of the Cremonese dialectal word "biga" 🚴‍♀️, means bicycle, with the English word "bee" 🐝.
The choice of the name starts from the bicycle as a privileged transport for discovering the local beauties. At the same time, the reference to the bee wants to resume the importance of nature, environmental sustainability, but also playfulness, the lightness of a flourish and things done with joy, happiness and passion. In addition, the paths designed are reminiscent of many petals of a flower that start from a central corolla, Cremona in fact!

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