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Ring itinerary that crosses the wild nature of the Po Delta. It starts from Trepponti in Comacchio, through the cycle path you reach Porto Garibaldi from here you follow the coast going north through 4 of the 7 beaches of Comacchio, arriving at Lido delle Nazioni the journey begins inside the green Pineta di Volano until you reach Lido di Volano where you can see the mouth of the Po di Volano, the southernmost branch of the Po Delta. Crossing the river, the itinerary continues inside the Mesola  Wood and then along the Sacca di Goro where there are clam farms. Once in Goro, cross the port and the itinerary continues on the bank of the Po di Goro. Via the cycle path you arrive in Bosco Mesola from here via secondary roads you return to Lido di Volano and along the scenic Lidi road that runs between the Lago delle Nazioni and Valle Bertuzzi you arrive at Spiaggia Romea where there is the breeding of white horses. del Delta. The itinerary continues along secondary roads that lead back to Comacchio.

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Itinerary traced and designed by Deltaciclando


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  • 66 Km

  • 5 h

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