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Ring itinerary starting from the Mesola Castle, the ancient residence of the Este court of Ferrara used for hunting in the Mesola wood. From the castle, go up the embankment that runs along the Po di Goro and along part of the Destra Po cycle path that connects Ferrara to the sea, you reach Goro, a famous location for the production of clams and the birthplace of the singer Milva. The itinerary continues along the Sacca di Goro where clams are raised and then plunges into the Mesola Wood which represents what remains of an extensive complex of forests that in the Middle Ages covered the Po coastal strip with a path that at times presents sandy. Leaving the wood via secondary roads, you reach the Canneviè nature reserve with its characteristic walkways inside the reeds from which it is possible to do bird watching. Going up the Po di Volano, the southernmost branch of the Po Delta, you reach the Pomposa Abbey, surrounded by the characteristic vineyards of the sands, a masterpiece of Romanesque art dating back to the 6th-7th century. The Pomposian monastery welcomed illustrious personalities of the time, including Guido d'Arezzo, the monk inventor of musical writing based on the seven-note system. Leaving the abbey, the route continues along agricultural landscapes up to Torre Abate, a composite artifact born as a drain in the second half of the century. XVI within the vast reclamation project undertaken by Alfonso II d’Este. The route ends by walking along the embankment of the White Canal that leads to the Mesola Castle.

Note: The gates that allow you to cross the Mesola Wood are open from 01/03 to 31/10

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Itinerary traced and designed by Deltaciclando


  • 55 Km

  • 12/7/23, 4:00 AM h

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