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updated 2022

Ready? Ideas and activities for those who wish to discover nella Cosa del Sol

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If you are looking for advice or ideas on things to do in discovering nella Cosa del Sol! Here you can find the best activities and most beautiful tours in the area.
You can visit the most scenic points and discover wonderful panoramas nella Cosa del Sol.
With the BikeSquare App in your pocket it will be even more fun: easily reach unique points (without getting lost) and experience an adventure as if you were guided by a local.

E-bike excursions nella Cosa del Sol

With BikeSquare you can easily rent an e-bike nella Cosa del Sol and using the free APP, you can also organise your ride by deciding where to stop and what to see.
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last update: 22-07-2022

Services for those who need to rent a bike nella Cosa del Sol

You want to rent a bicycle and would also like to have some additional services: a map of the area, help in case of a puncture or a guide who will show you around and who knows the area well. BikeSquare offers these services in this area. All you have to do is ask!

last update: 02-08-2022

E-bike charging points nella Cosa del Sol

Are you doing an excursion with an e-bike and you need to recharge? Discover on our app the partners equipped with e-bike charging infrastructures. You can enjoy a brief stop ... enough time to recharge your battery and that of your e-bike and get ready to restart your tour.

last update: 03-08-2022

Green tourism nella Cosa del Sol

By renting an e-bike from BikeSquare you are moving in a sustainable way nella Cosa del Sol and living a green tourism outdoor experience.
The e-bike consumes little energy, is silent and has zero emissions. It will be pleasant for a day to park the car and move only with the energy of your legs (and with the help of your e-bike's battery) and have an extraordinary day outdoors. If you wish to leave your car at home, you can request the delivery of the e-bikes to the train station.

last update: 19-07-2022