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Bike Experience was born from the experience of Fabio Boeti as a cycle amateur asnd cycle tourist and after the professional course held in 2013 at the University as “Promoter of Cycling Mobility”.

For active participation in the new association Ciclone ASD – Promoters of cycling mobility constituted by various professionals in order to raise awareness and disseminate more and more activities related to cycling, with particular focus towards cycle-turism. Our mission is to grow up the surrounding terrotory, talk about its story and culture and eno-gastronomic treasures. Offering a moment of intense well-being and relaxation where to slow down, admire, taste and smell the scents and colors that the environment offers us living it on a bicycle.


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Strada Viscontea, 533 c/o I Giardini di Borghetto IT 37019 - Valeggio sul Mincio ( VR )


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