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If you have enough of the Langa del Barolo, this tour is for you: enlarge your horizon and get to the Land of Dolcetto.


10h00 - You leave from Novello (Loc Ciocchini 18 - e-bike rental Point Noleggio BikeSquare) heading to Monforte.

Step 1 - Monforte

In Monforte you can visit the historical centre, beautifully renovated. We reccommend you to get up to the top of the Village, where you can enjoy a wonderful view and a great amphitheater, where Monforte in Jazz takes place.

If you like Giant Benches: Monforte offers one!

From Monforte you follow a road (down-hill) going to Dogliani, and you pass in a nice wood, little streams, villages, farms.

Step 2 - Dogliani

You enter Dogliani from San Quirico (look at the Church, what a jewel).

In San Quirico don't miss the bakery, people say they do one of the best bread in the area.

Cross the river Rea (using the bridge!) and get to the old furnace, where one of the heir of the founders produces and cooks bricks in a traditional way. You ride along the historical centre of Dogliano, observing the wonderful productions of Architect Schellino. Than you climb up the pedestrian road that leads to Dogliani Alta (the old hamlet is worth the visit).

Dogliani is the capital of Dolcetto, there are several enoteche and bars wher you can have an aperitivo, or taste the wonderful local produce. But, if you have enough of wine, you will find also icecream, hazelnuts and a cinema!

From Dogliani the road is up in direction Belvedere.

Step 3 - Lunch

You will stop just before Belvedere, turn right following the signs for Agriostello delle Langhe (or Interactive).

Always remember to book your lunch, in this simple but super welcoming place. They can also prepare a pic-nic for you (did we say you have to reserve?)

Step 4 - Farigliano

Getting back from the Agriostello seems impossibile, but your ebike will help you climb the hill and get to the secondary road towards Farigliano. From Farigliano the road is quite busy, but you can bravely follow Dogliani, Monchiero, Monforte e Novello.

On the way back, don't miss Monchiero Alta and the rest-area Panirole (intresting observation point and memorial of a family of the hamlet who helped several jewish families furing WW2).


What do you find along the route