Rocche Costamagna

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Rocche Costamagna: what's to know


Tradition, dynamism and sustainability are the values of Rocche Costamagna: set in the heart of La Morra, the most important municipality in the Barolo designation in terms of wine production and number of winegrowers, this is one of the most historical wineries in the area.

A tradition of dedication to vines and wine, a family history with six generations of winemakers who have aimed to raise the quality of their work and their labels over time, enhancing the exceptional terroir of La Morra and making the most out of the fruits of the prestigious “Rocche dell'Annunziata” Barolo cru, cultivated by the same family for over two centuries.

“Tradition, dynamism and sustainability simultaneously represent the values and development aims of Rocche Costamagna: our wines are the expression of a story of love and dedication to the land of the Langa which spans six generations and more than two centuries” explains Alessandro Locatelli, who runs the winery today. The cellars, which date back to the Napoleonic era, have been restored to their original splendour and now house elegant guest accommodation, where the Barolo experience meets traditional Langhe hospitality for tours, tastings and holidays filled with charm.

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