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The route starts on the main road, where you bike for a couple of Km on asphalt. After a while you turn left in a wonderful secondary road of Maremma, where you can pass among several "poderi" (the tipical country houses of the area). By e-bike you can easily ride in the nearly-no-traffic road, passing among wheat fields, olives and woods.

You can briefly on the main road again and then get into a bike lane which passes on the new Marina of Scarlino and then brings you to the Natural Reserve.

The road in the natural reserve is a natrual wood road which can be done both by trekking and mountain bike. An e-bike is reccommended if you are not trained, because there are several steep tracks (not difficult, but steep!), which might require you to walk a normal bike. 

Visiting Cala Violina by e-bike

They say that the name "Cala Violina" comes from the violin sound you can hear when walking barefoot on the white thin sand. It is inside the natural reserve of Bandite di Scarlino and is famous for its transparent water and beautiful seabed. You can only get here on foot or by horse, bike or ebike.

This beach was awarded by Legambiente as one of the most beautiful eleven beaches in Italy.

You need to reserve the access to Cala Violina (1€/adult). Reserving might be a little tricky if you are not Italian we can try to help you if we can, just write it in the notes! 


  • Departure from Scarlino

  • 27 Km

  • 2 h

What do you find along the route