markers/turismo/panoramicview.png The Historic Center of Maranzana

The Historic Center of Maranzana

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The Historic Center of Maranzana: what's to know

The castle of Maranzana is located within the country's concentric, and the complex constitutes a valuable example of fortified construction and s 'imposes for the grandiose and austere wall structure, which is lightened by some elements of architectural and decorative quality.

It is characterized by a large cinta muraria d 'protective and strategic importance, prospective the valley of the torrent Cervino to the north-west and opening east to the concentric, by means of a bridge that was previously "lever" and still now allows for l 'access to the castle.

From this side the walls close around all 'ancient tower (preexisting to the body of the castle) that repeats in its frigates, sega tooth, ornamental motifs on the entire perimeter of the walls that dominate the central square.

At the end of the sixteenth century, there was a grave in which the rainwater stagnated.

The majestic construction preserved some important parts, despite the postponements carried out over time, among them : l ' imposing square tower that presents at the base a shoe masonry and in high a beautiful, seaweed-tooth. the large fabrication that s 'innesta on the tower with narrow angle trending ; the track of the courtyards (about two metres of masonry) and the beautiful circular angular tower, also decorated with seawall teeth, but, unfortunately, remained the victim of a tampering, concerning a logget made in its upper part, obtained by destroying the crowning and merlatura.

In Maranzana, as well as in other monfery castles, it is interesting to point out a constant characteristic : the compresence of square towers and tones in the same manor.

L 'alternating of round and quaint towers in the castles of the area is almost never a randomness, but it can be asserted, with tranquility, that it is a very precise construction style, which consists of the 'edifying, generally, the angle towers in circular shape, while, the mastery or otherwise the tower overlying l 'entrance in square or rectangular shape.

That particularity rarely shows up in other Regions d 'Italy.

Where it is The Historic Center of Maranzana

The Historic Center of Maranzana