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E-bike rental nel Monferrato - Bike Tour nel Monferrato - Rent bikes nel Monferrato

Rent your ebikes nel Monferrato and discover this area in a brand new way.
Download BikeSquare app for free and pedalling will be even easier. Ride independently on a self-guided tour.
Would you rather be guided? Ask for the support of a real guide in the flesh.
The routes you find on our app are pleasant, on secondary roads, designed by those who really know the area.
What are you waiting for? Come and find out if it's really "Easy Rent, Cycling Fun".

What you can do with BikeSquare nel Monferrato

All-inclusive experiences nel Monferrato

The Top 10 Activities nel Monferrato

Renting a e-bike from BikeSquare and follow our routes on secondary roads is often one of the most appreciated activities according to the tourists.

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Sustainable Tourism nel Monferrato

Renting a e-bike from BikeSquare means travelling in a sustainable way nel Monferrato. The e-bike consumes very little energy, is silent and does not emit exhaust gas. Most of our rental shops use green energy, produced from renewable sources or self-produced by solar panels.

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Bike Hotels nel Monferrato

Are you looking for a place where to sleep, which will hosts willingly the bike tourists? that allows recharge your e-bike nel Monferrato e allows you to store it safely in the night?.
Look no further: BikeSquare partners are ready to host cycling tourists also with e-bikes. You can find the accomodation which is best for you: bike friendly hotel, bed & breakfast, agriturismi that host cycling tourists, charge point for the e-bikes.

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Tour by e-bike nel Monferrato

Ride on a guided tours with local experts. nel Monferrato has identified some local experts with the "BikeSquare style", that allow you to rent an e-bike and visit the territory moving from one restaurant, to a cellar, a local producer, a typical bar, as much as possible avoiding the roads with traffic, and discovering scenic views.

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