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With this ebike route you can reach the source of Italy's longest river, the Po, where its water gushes out crystal clear.

The route takes you up the Po valley along the provincial road and then turns off and continues halfway up a secondary road that connects a series of small hamlets nestling in the woods. There you can also take the opportunity to buy typical products and refresh yourself during the ascent. The route then continues towards Crissolo and from there, along the road opened in the summer months, you will reach Pian della Regina and Pian del Re. To reach the source of the Po, it is necessary to tackle an ascent with not a small difference in altitude. The advantage is that the return will be all downhill, but we can assure you that it is definitely worth it.

Talking about what to see along this route would in any case be reductive, you will reach the heart of the Monviso Regional Park, recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. Along the 20 km that separate Paesana from Pian del Re you will see how the vegetation changes from dense chestnut and beech forests to alpine grassland.

The Pian del Re is one of the unmissable stops during a visit to the Saluzzo area, in search of refreshment from the summer heat in an enchanting place.


  • 41 Km

  • 12/7/23, 5:00 AM h

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