Biking with your family

Are you in holidays with your family and you'd like to spend one day outdoor with your kids? It's a good idea!
With BikeSquare is è anche più semplice!

What you can do

Rent ebikes

Today you can try the ebike.
It will be 'Less effort, more fun',
especially if you have to take your child with you


Child seats, helmets, trailers, trailgators.
Choose according to the age of the children.
We have also smaller ebikes for teenagers.

Tour and stops

Easy tours, so everybody can enjoy.
Find on our app the best places where to stop or ask for a suggestion to our partners in the ebike rental point.


In the BikeSquare ebike rental point you'll find all the necessary accessories for pedaling with your children.
Please check the family accessories in the area where your are going to pedal.


Small head, small helmet. We will not let you go away if your child is not wearing a helmet: his safety is above all!

Child seat

The rear child is seat is on the luggage rack and it is for children up to 25kg.

Child bike trailer

The child bike trailer is on the back of the adult ebike and it's for children up 35kg.
The child in the bike trailer is safe with his belt.


It is a special 'half bike' without the front wheel and it is hooked to the adult bike. The child can set on the little half bike and pretend to pedal with the adult. The trailgator is perfect for children from 5 to 7.


You'll find the available accessories and their prices on the ebike booking page. Unfortunately we can't guarantee the availability of all the accessories in all our active destinations.

Easy tours

BikeSquare tour are for relaxing people! Among these tours you can find some easier for families. You can ask a suggestion to the person you'll fine in the ebike rental point.

More info?

If you need more info you can

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