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It is part of the Bike Square rental point of Arquata Scrivia and percurring the central route that crosses the historic center is reached by the bridge over the creek Scrivia in the direction of Grondona. The route is entirely on paved road of low traffic. The verdeggiante Valle del torrente Spinti is crossed and the characteristic centre of Grondona, rich in historical testimonies, is reached. The borough recalls the medieval ones of the 'Interior Genovese, with buildings constructed in local stone. Among the atraters to be seen, the Church of the 'Annunziata and the Church of S. Maria dell 'Assunta, both Romanesque, the superstite cinquecenture tower of the Castle Doria and l 'ancient stone bridge. From Grondona you start climbing and the path becomes panoramic until you reach the resorts of Sasso and Lemmi, quest ' last a small altipiano rich in meadows and pastures. From here you begin the long descent into the woods of latileaves from the thousand colors and perfumes, until you arrive at Castel de Ratti and from here through a ponticello on Borbera you reach Borghetto Borbera where you will be able to visit its historical centre and its own shops. Finished the visit crosses the bridge and sweaty the resort of Torre Ratti a street is beginning to be immersed in verdeggish fields that cost the towering Borbera to the pleasant historical centre of Vignole Borbera. The road to Arquata is finally refolding on a secondary path rich in salidescent in a verdefied rural context that traces back to the location of Varinella, to the bridge over the torrent Scrivia and then to the centre of Arquata S.


  • Departure from Arquata Scrivia

  • 37 Km

  • 11/30/23, 5:00 AM h

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