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The departure and ' the Bike Square rental point of Cabella Ligure. From here by continuing along the provincial 140, it comes in the vicinity of the inhabited Albera Ligure from which the Albirola Valley begins. After the iron bridge begins a small asphalted secondary road leading to the fraction of Santa Maria-Venaint. Percorrupting it comes in a suggestive borgo, with the stone houses and the seicentesco water mill in Santamaria, reachable via a steep path that continues to the pond feeding the Mulino where a pleasant area is located. Continuing on the 'ring, after a few returning, you reach Santa Maria where to make an 'interesting walk between the evocative stone houses, an ancient washroom and see the dedicated chiesette to the Madonna della Neve. Resuming the path comes to Venus, a small borough well valued by its inhabitants with floral addobbons. Here it is possible to see the Church of the Saints Matthew and Fortunato, dating back to the 9th century, built on the ruins of the ' Abbey of Venish, among the oldest monastic foundations in the area. From here you enjoy a breathtaking view on the Borbera Valley. After a few kilometres, Pallavicino and finally the castle of Borgo Adorno built in 1100 by the Spinola, now Casa Museum of the painter Clemen Parrocchetti, has been reached. From here the path is particularly panoramic. It reaches localities ' Campana and returns to the provincial road to Cantalupo Ligure, passing through the location of Pertuso, known as the starting point of the suggestive trial called the stone doors. From here you can admire a suggestive canyon, long a few kilometres and marked by a very bitter nature dominated by spectacular rock formations, unfortunately also known for sad episodes related to World War II. Before returning to Cabella Ligure it is worth climbing over the evocative iron bridge and crossing the river from which the beautiful territory of this valley between Piedmont and Liguria takes its name.


  • Departure from Cabella Ligure

  • 29 Km

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