Castle of Cicognolo

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Castle of Cicognolo: what's to know

The element that distinguishes this unique Neocastellan architecture is the high tower in the center of the main front. The building is surrounded by an "English" landscaped park.

Of particular interest from an architectural point of view is the invention of the two large archways on the axis of the building, which open on the facade with a wide arch with jagged ferrules: a motif clearly inspired in its "internal architecture" by the churches of Romanesque age, so much so that it is referred to as "a basilica body deprived of the facade".

Castello Manfredi is an example of a romantic castle residence. It was built between the end of the thirties and the beginning of the forties of the nineteenth century by the marquis of Spanish origin, whose name it still bears, based on a project by the architect Luigi Voghera, undoubtedly the most famous designer of the he area of ​​Cremona, a very active builder of buildings inspired by a neo-medieval romanticism strongly characterized by fortifying elements.


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Castle of Cicognolo


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