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Difficulty:    1

06 Ebike Tour in Morciano and Piadina Workshop



With our ebikes we will travel the Conca cycle path, so we will go through the history of Romagna: from the time of the urban development of the coast to the Middle Ages, when the population lived far from the sea because it represented a serious danger due to the attacks of the Saracens. We will cross the wildlife oasis and the ornithological observatory according to the periods of the year for ducks, storks, herons and pelicans; along the dam built in the 1970s to regulate the course of the river and provide an important water supply for the coast.
We will arrive in the town of Morciano di Romagna where San Pier Damiani built in the Middle Ages the important monastery of San Gregorio, on one of the most frequented routes by the Roman pilgrims, almost completely destroyed during the last war. In this charming town we will attend a short one course of piadina romagnola at a small inn, so then we’ll be able to taste it together.

The Piadina Romagnola that Giovanni Pascoli called “the bread, or rather the national food of the Romagnoli”: in reality, it was first of all for the poorest, while today it represents one of the “typical dishes” of this welcoming and charming land that has made hospitality its vocation.


Starting at €65
per person

  • It starts from Rimini

  • 34 Km

  • 4 h


What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route