Flat land Paved road Guidato Autoguidato Half day Relax
Difficulty:    2

08 Ebike Tour San Bartolo Park


With our ebikes we will departure from the beautiful Portoverde bay arriving to the town of Cattolica, historically famous for its port. We will leave the Emilia Romagna region crossing the Tavollo stream bridge to enter Gabicce, located in the Marche region. From there we will go up to Gabicce Monte along the evocative panoramic road that will accompany us in the San Bartolo Park.
This is mainly characterized by the stretch of high coast, largely represented by living crags, rare throughout the Adriatic. The rest of the protected area is made up of the rural landscape which, up until the 1950s, it was actively cultivated even in places that are unthinkable today, on the edge of the sea.

The crag emerges from the low sea waters and narrow pebble beaches as an undulating succession of spurs and valleys, interspersed with overhanging walls. The tops of the high ground, which reaches 200 meters, allows a poetic vision of the coast and of the Adriatic Sea  and makes  an unusual landscape compared to the typical sandy coasts of the area. We will stop at Baia Vallugola, at the base of the hill where there’s a thin gravel and pebble beach. We will continue to Casteldimezzo, to stop later for a break and a snack in Fiorenzuola di Focara.


Starting at €60
per person

  • It starts from Rimini

  • 45 Km

  • 5 h


What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route