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Guided evening tour with aperitif, traversing the Eternal City. A relaxing and delightful route, visiting Aventine Hill with its uniqueness, then crossing the Tiber to reach the heart of the neighborhood, with its churches, squares, inns, and venues. Continuing along Via delle Lungara and entering through Santo Spirito Gate, you enter the Vatican and St. Peter's Square. The center of the Catholic religion, a place to admire the Dome. Following Via della Conciliazione, you trace the Tiber River, pass Castel Sant'Angelo, and through numerous alleys, you arrive at Piazza Navona.

Once at the Pantheon, we pause to savor local products and enjoy a glass of wine. Next, you'll admire the Trevi Fountain, the Quirinal Palace, Via dei Fori Imperiali, and the Trajan's Markets. Climbing Capitoline Hill, you'll view the illuminated forums and Capitoline Square. To conclude, you'll circle around the Colosseum, then retracing the Aventine's cycle path, return to our bike rental point.


  • 18 Km

  • 11/30/23, 3:30 AM h

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