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This ebike tour in South Sardinia will allow you to discover the secrets of the ancient mining routes of the Arburese and the Costa Verde. The path starts from Montevecchio, crosses the ancient mining village of Ingurtosu and reaches the beach of Piscinas. From here, the route continues along the coast and crosses the touristic villages of Portu Maga and Gutturu e' Flumini to then trace back to the mountains.

What to see in Ingurtosu

Ingurtosu is an ancient abandoned mining settlement that was inhabitated by the miners during the last century. Today it presents itself as a ghost village immersed in a suggestive and out of time atmosphere. Following the Provincial Road 66 in the direction of the village Pitzinurri, carrying out a small detour from the original path, you could admire the Palazzo della Direzione della Miniera di Ingurtosu (Palace of the Directorate of the Mine of Ingurtosu) and its iconic arch that embraces the road; the Church of Santa Barbara, from which you could take amazing panoramic photos to the sea; the Ex Ospedale (Former Hospital) of Ingurtosu. Going back, you can admire the ancient houses of the miners. Once you are out of the town you will find the ancient Pozzo Gal (Shaft Gal, within which a multimedia museum is present) and, at the base of the valley, the majestic Laveria Brassey of Naracauli (Brassery Washery of Naracauli).

What to see in Piscinas

Piscinas is probably the most famous and iconic beach of the Southwest of Sardinia and the Costa Verde. Here you will find one of the most impressive dunal complexes in Europe that reaches 100m in height : the Dune of Piscinas. The landscape will leave you breathless and you will seem to have been catapulted into the Sahara desert. We recommend you a walk on the dunes but we remind you that it is absolutely forbidden to transit on the same with means of transport. On the dunes you can also admire the typical Mediterranean vegetation and the characteristic ginepro coccolone (cuddly juniper), which will show you bent because of the strong of the wind of the Maestrale that frequently spins the area. With luck, you could also encounter some exemplary of Sardinian deer. At the centre of the beach you will finally find an ancient mining structure converted into a hotel and some seaside establishments where you could cool down and admire the sea.

What to see in Portu Maga and Gutturu e ' Flumini

The path continues along the Costa Verde and crosses the two villages of Portu Maga and Gutturu e' Flumini. Along the road you can admire numerous beaches and calettes with crystal clear water such as Su Pistoccu (rock seabed), Campu e ' Sali (thick sand grains and rock seabed) and the beach of Gutturu e' Flumini (finest and sandy seabed). The last one is also bounded by a very ancient limestone wall (Punta Calada Bianca) which prides itself on spectacular panoramic photos.

During the last part of your path, on the way to Montevecchio, you will see the Monte Arcuentu (Mount Arcuentu, it is said that its shape reminisces the profile of Napoleon Bonaparte). This is actually an ancient volcano whose top which is reachable in about one hour and a half of walk. For the most willing, we recommend its climb (of medium-low difficulty in the first trait, challenging in the final part. It is about 500m of altitude difference) that will be repaid from a breathtaking panorama: from its top you will see the area from the Costa Verde, the bay of Oristano and part of the centre of Sardinia.

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