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It is part of the Bike Square rental point of Arquata Scrivia and percurring the central route that crosses the historic center is reached by the bridge over the creek Scrivia in the direction of Grondona. At the fraction of Varinella turn left and crossing the historic center unfolds on a secondary path rich in saliscens in a verdeous rural context that comes to the all 'inhabited of Vignole and its historical centre. From here you enter on a road that is immersed in bulky fields that cost the creek Borbera until arriving at the resort of Torre Ratti and passing the bridge over the creek comes to Borghetto B. From here you take the provincial road to Garbagna by passing by the fraction of Molo Borbera of which is well visible from the road l ', ancient medieval tower. The gallery is overtaken by the characteristic of Garbagna, one of the most beautiful Borghi d 'Italy. In Garbagna you can visit the historical centre dating back to before the 'o thousand years, with its ancient churches, l 'oratorio and the remains of the 'imposing castle. In addition, this borough is now well-known for the production and trade of Montebore cheese, since the XII sec. appreciated on the noble tables of Genoa and Milan, today presidio Slow food for its history and for the particularity of being made with raw milk vaccine and ovine that confers a unique flavour to this product. Finished the visit falls to Arquata by repercurring the same route used all 'gone.


  • Departure from Arquata Scrivia

  • 43 Km

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