St. Peter's Church of Orzio

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St. Peter's Church of Orzio: what's to know


The church of S. Pietro was inaugurated in 1905 and was consecrated in 1920. In 1927, the portices were added using the ancient machined stone portals that were removed from the old church. L 'The building consists of a nave and features five altars : the altar of the Mass, and the altars dedicated to the Sacred Heart, the Madonna del Rosario, all 'Adsorata and to S. Joseph. All'It is possible to admire a valuable Quattrohundred table depicting the Piety attributed to Andrea Previtali or Adolfo Venturi, three tele of Carlo Ceresa (XVII sec.) and a Deposition by the painter Gian Giacomo Barbelli (XVII sec.).

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St. Peter's Church of Orzio


San Pietro d'Orzio


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