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Verona and the river Adige

The itinerary follows the river Adige, the main river of the region that embraces the city of Verona.

At first, from our shop we cross the famous Ponte Pietra, the most ancient bridge in Verona, from where you can enjoy a nice view over the city. We cross the city following the river, then we get out the city centre cycling along the Venetian walls until we get to the countryside. Here, we cycle on bike paths flanked by long lines of trees until we reach the river.

We cycle on the bike path built on the towpath: we can feel the peace of the countryside and, during the clear days, we can enjoy a beautiful view over the mountains and the hills.

We go back to the city cycling on small countryside roads swirling among orchards and asparagus fields, then we pedal on a bike path that crosses the Parco dell'Adige Sud. Once we get to the city, we cross Piazza Bra, overlooked by the majestic Arena, we cross the medieval Castelvecchio bridge and we get back to the shop following the river Adige. 


Starting from €20
per person

  • Departure from Verona

  • 28.00 Km

  • 3.00 h

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