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Ebike rental point BikeSquare - Buronzo

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Ebike rental point BikeSquare - Buronzo: what's to know

The Court, all 'boundary of the borough that was the Buronzo consort castle, opens up on an emotional garden, a convivial place capable of hosting 70 people where green is made with plantations of rugged forest shrubs, from the selection and collection of seeds from the woods certified by the Piedmont Region and grown at the Fenale Vivaio of Albano Vercellese, following the principles of biodiversity. The background and context for the planting are the stones, the same ones that form the structure of the Castle, river pebbles, newly bused blocks, which in the medieval heart of Buronzo tell l 'environment, along the auction of the torrent Cervo, which unites plain and mountain.

L 'contemporary art, with the Third Paradise of Michelangelo Pistoletto, fits with strength in the Court as an example of the hard work of the 'man who takes the rocks from nature and with the help of machines the models in an exemplary manner ( The Third Paradise is an example of the operatic balance that Ramella Graniti has maintained in its 70 years of activity ' together with the historical competence of Gabriele Ardizio and l 'expert hand of Luigino Marovino who carried out the project, by taking part "Armonie in Court" at Rebirth Day on December 21, 2015.

The internal structure is that of a prestigious "noble house" of the end of the Seventeenth century, where the charm of the passages of history is taken into account : Consortile del Castello, Dimora Patrizia, Caserma of the Regi Carabinieri in Cavallo, in the heart of the historic center. The Main Hall, with its frescoes of the 'Octohundred, offers a feeling of quality, elegance, quiet and confidentiality and well suited to special events, banquets, private parties and group or corporate dinners (the hall houses up to 40 people) but it is also the right connubio between history, art and nature for those who want to enjoy, in solitary or in small groups or in the family, in a slow way, of a territory of excellence.

Where it is Ebike rental point BikeSquare - Buronzo

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Ebike rental point BikeSquare - Buronzo

Piazza Caduti 2, 13040 Buronzo VC

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