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A ring loop between the beauties of a nature that passes from the 'still be wild all 'being almost drawn.

The path alternates between off-road traits (about 3/4 of the route) and traits on tarmac.

You can pedal down by costing the beach. Do you know that the Lake of Bolsena is one of the few seaside Italian lakes? for this you can also decide to park your ebikes and dive into the 'fresh water to have fun even more.

The route crosses the boroughs of Capodimonte and Marta as well as the beautiful one of Bolsena with its belvedere on the lake and its Castle.

Pedalando clockwise can enjoy a breathtaking scenario by climbing on the Via Francigena. Dall'more you can discover the wonder of the caldera of an ancient lake of volcanic origin, discover its islands like the Martana and the Bisentina.
L 'isle Bisentina is generally visited in summer until early autumn and is characterized by 7 churches that arise along its perimeter.

You can't miss a stop in Bolsena where-to satisfy l 'appetite that vien pedalling-you can stop to eat the Coregone, the typical fish in the area.


The photo used for this route is by Helena, and she was saved by Flickr as a photo with the allowed commercial use rights.


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  • 50 Km

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