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This itinerary is intense but very satisfyng, there are breth-taking panoramas of castelli romani and Rome. You can visit the Tuscolo's archeological site. You can visit the site from may to september( 9:30-19:30), in march and november(9:30-13:30) and in april and october(9:30-18:30). You have to take a group prenotation in january, in february and in december. There are some stocked pic-nic areas near the archeological site. Going on with the itinerary you will reach the San Silvestro church and Monte Compatri. Going down you will arrive in Rocca Priora through several bends. Coming back to the starting point you will travel along the Molara street and Pratone street. 


Starting from €25
per person

  • Departure from grottaferrata , frascati, Monte Compatri , Rocca Priora

  • 29 Km

  • 4/18/24, 2:30 AM h

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