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The Po is not just a river, it is a protagonist in the history of Cremona. Along its course it took place men, kingdoms, conflicts and generated culture with art, myths and legends.
The city has developed on its banks and exploited its resources, water and the ability to be a link on them, expanding its control even along its course leaving traces of different epochs still well visible today.

The path starts from Cremona following the left bank of the Po to the west to cross the point where the affluent Adda feeds it, called Punta d'Adda.

What to see in Crotta d 'Adda

It will be possible to see life stories related to the rivers painted on the walls of the houses, admire the nature generated by the water, the old ferry to cross the river, a circular experimental breeding and the history of the cremonese family Stanga that here has made a villa on natural terraction which rushes to the river area.

Crossing the rivers you reach the province of Lodi where at the Castello di Maccastorna remembers the figure of the Cremonese gentleman Cabrino Fondulo and the eccide accomplished in the castle of this small location, and then arriving at Castelnuovo Bocca d'Adda where to discover the Visconteo castle, bound to the Municipality of Cremona and the chapel of St. John the Baptist family of the Stanga family. The return will make you visit the real Punta d'Adda and a wooded path along the embankments.

This ebike tour to the west of Cremona allows you to immerse yourself in nature. A ring that leaves and ends in Cremona where you can rent your ebikes at the camping.

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