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A ride north, on the border with the province of Brescia, to discover the natural landscapes offered by the Oglio river, well-preserved ancient residences and ancient villages that preserve peasant traditions.

Starting from the Cremona camping, cross the city following the via del Sale cycle path, enjoying the beauties of the pedestrian city center with Duomo's Square, and taking the Cremona-Brescia regional cycle path that will accompany you to Grumone to observe Villa Manna Roncadelli. Here we begin the path near the banks of the Oglio, crossing Robecco d'Oglio and reaching the rural villages of Monasterolo and Monticelli d'Oglio respectively to the south and north of the river, connected by the curved cycle-pedestrian bridge, almost a small mountain grand prix. 

What to see in Monasterolo and Monticelli d'Oglio

In Monasterolo, Villa Bottini with the Limonaia is of interest, while in Monticelli the whole village is representative of a way of living from the past. Nearby is also visible an extraordinary mill more interesting for its architecture than for its hydraulic function.

The route then continues towards Quinzano d'Oglio to begin the descent towards the south passing through Bordolano and Corte de' Cortesi, Olmeneta, Casalsigone and joining the cycle path of the Naviglio civico di Cremona reaching the cycle path of via Bergamo to the center of Cremona.

This ebike tour north of Cremona allows you to immerse yourself in nature. A ring that starts and ends in Cremona where you can rent your e-bikes at the camping..

Based on your needs, we can enrich the tailor-made tour and contact the most suitable facilities by sending you a dedicated quote.

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What do you find along the route