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Beach Submarine: what's to know

Between worldly life, cultural walks and a pristine nature, let us not forget that Chioggia is one of the most suitable beach resorts for a seashore holiday, thanks to the 10 kilometres of beach perfectly equipped of SOttomarine and Green Island and to an extraordinary sea : the moderate and steady wind makes it perfect for the sailing sports, while the fineness of the sand and the particularity of the seabeds combined with accommodation facilities of all kinds make it the ideal place to make extraordinary every summer. The sand of Chioggia has a very much sought particularity from the tintarella enthusiasts : its composition, which is particularly rich in quartz, reflects the best of the sun's rays to ensure a uniform and perfect tanning, helped by the sweetness of the climate and the light wind that transforms your moments of relaxation on the beach in pleasant hours away from the afa and city chaos. The beaches of Chioggia are perfect for all : the sportsmen will find so many activities in which to never stop, while the families or those who only wish to devote themselves to the tintarella, will find an environment rich in charm where to enjoy the merited relax.

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Beach Submarine


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