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Ring itinerary, starting from the Mausoleum of Theodoric in Ravenna, through a series of cycle paths you leave the city center and arrive at the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe which is included in the list of Italian World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The itinerary continues along the countryside until you reach the entrance to the Pineta di Classe, from here you continue on paths immersed in the green of the pine forest that alternate with glimpses of the brackish suburban wetlands of Ortazzo and Ortazzino. Continue through the pine forests along the coast until you reach the center of Milano Marittima, a well-known tourist resort for its shops and trendy clubs. The itinerary arrives in Cervia, a historic city famous for the production of salt, to visit the Salina Museum inside the historic salt warehouses. After visiting the city we arrive at the salt pan where the famous "sweet salt of Cervia" is still produced today. The return to Ravenna is carried out via cycle paths and partly retracing the paths in the pine forests.

Itinerary traced and designed by Deltaciclando

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