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Ring ring that runs the perimeter of the Valli of Comacchio, starting from the Trepponti pedals on the embankment with the typical fishing balances and arrives at the fishing station Foce. From the sighting turret you can see the entire vallivo compartment famous for the Anguilla fishery and there is the historical reconstruction of the houses of the Etrusco Village of Spina. The itinerary continues on a long embroidery embroidery from the waters to the Donna Bona Cason that is located on a small island connected by a bridge. At the end of this stun argine is continued on the Agosta argine, asphalted and also used to vehicular traffic, on which the Valli is travelled throughout its length to arrive at the Agriturismo Prato Pozzo, immersed in nature and with the breeding of horses. It goes up on the levee that divides the Valli from the Rhine River where it is possible to see the Pink Fenicotteri and pedal down by costing the river to the intersection with the state road Romea. CAUTION : To be able to close the ring you need to travel 6 Km of the Romea Statale road with heavy vehicular traffic on the edge of the track there is enough room to circle with the bike, but you have to pay very careful attention, the trait is dangerous. At the entrance to the Lido di Spina it abandons the state road and will run the secondary roads that cost the coast. The itinerary passes in front of the Casa Museo di Remo Brindisi, a well-known contemporary artist, after a trait in pineta comes to the Lido degli Estonians with its long sandy beaches. Crossing the canal port with the ferry boat arrives in Porto Garibaldi with its fleet of fishing vessels and from here via a long cycle you return to Comacchio. CAREFUL NOTE : It is advisable to travel this itinerary on the weekends when heavy traffic is not present on the state road section Romea, it is recalled that this is a dangerous road, not addable to travel with children Video itinerary Itinerary plotted and designed by Deltaciclando

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