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Itinerary that connects the Po Delta Veneto to the Emilia-Romagna, a route that allows you to see all the environments that make up the landscape of the Po Delta. Ideal for those who want to explore the Delta in several days on the bike, abandoning the car. You can start from the Delta del Po E-Bike rental points in Tolle or Comacchio, dedicate a few days to discover the area with the numerous ring routes that start from the two locations and then move between the two locations using this itinerary that unites them. It is also possible to leave from a rental point and leave the bike at the other point, returning to the starting point with a transfer service.

Using the itineraries that start from the rental points and their connection, it is possible to explore the entire Po Delta using only the E-Bike, for an ecological holiday in nature.

For example, a three-day break in the Po Delta could be arrival in Tolle and a loop excursion and overnight stay, the second day transfer by bike to Comacchio along the coast, overnight stay and the following day a loop ride in the Comacchio Valleys at the end of the day transfer to Tolle. Three days between nature and culture in the Po Delta.

Itinerary traced and designed by Deltaciclando


Starting from €35
per person

  • 63 Km

  • 5 h

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