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Climb aboard your rental ebike in Chiusano San Domenico, in the heart of Irpinia, and scale the summit of Monte Tuoro to gain a privileged view of Irpinia.

If we advise you to rent an e-bike to explore Monte Tuoro, it is because it is one of the most beautiful mountains in the province of Avellino. Its special position will give you unforgettable breathtaking views and the variety of fauna and flora that populate it will make your ebike excursion unforgettable.

Monte Tuoro is a Site of Community Interest (SCI) and part of the Monti Picentini Regional Park.

It is an out-and-back route that includes the same itinerary. In addition to asphalt, the wheels of your ebike will pass over dusty or muddy (depending on the season) trails and wonderful gravel sections. Therefore, also due to some challenging uphill sections (in some places you will touch 15% gradient), this route is not suitable for pedal-assisted city bikes.

Please note: in many of the areas you will pass through, your mobile phone will not have coverage!

We therefore advise you to rent a Trekking ebike or, even better, to opt for the rental of a Focus Full Suspension e-MTB.

The starting point of the GPS track we are proposing is the e-bike hire point in Chiusano San Domenico, which is located in the centre of the village and is therefore a very easy reference point to locate.

However, if you prefer to start from the ebike rental point located at the Ciclostazione Avellino (Contrada San Lorenzo 18, Atripalda). add the AB/BA route (16.5 km) to this track to reach the bike rental point in Chiusano San Domenico.

This trail can be lengthened or shortened as desired. Therefore, feel free to contact us to let us know your time and/or fitness needs: we will be happy to customise this path so that it perfectly suits your requirements.

Let's start!

Mount your bike and head for the upper part of the town.  In the midst of the houses you will catch a glimpse of the ancient castle of Chiusano di San Domenico and, as you tackle the first few ramps, you will immediately understand what kind of day awaits you. The effort, however, will always be repaid by incredible views and unforgettable emotions.

The first 5 km will all be uphill, but since the entire GPS track is about 25 km, if you don't want to struggle, increase the power of your ebike: there's no danger of running out of battery! In any case, you will have plenty to distract you: the views and lush greenery will fill your eyes and mind.

When you come close to a hamlet (an accommodation facility not in operation at the time of writing), it means that the climb is coming to an end. Look for the best spot to take a souvenir photo of this day, choosing between a nature-themed background or a shot from above of Chiusano, Avellino, Montevergine and the Parthenio Park.

From here on, 3.5 km of flat land await you to be enjoyed. Listen to the silence and appreciate the solitude. The only people you might bump into are the Chiusanesi who go up the mountain for their farming activities or a few other cyclists.

At a certain point, when the navigator tells you to turn slightly right, say goodbye to the asphalt. A gravel section begins, which is a prelude to the most beautiful and exciting stretch of the day. Centuries-old beech trees, chestnut trees, luxuriant ferns, gravel, turkey oaks, mountain maples: all the way to the summit you will literally be immersed in nature. Thanks to the dense vegetation, the temperature is cool in summer and cold in winter, so make sure you are dressed appropriately.

Gather all possible details and glimpses with your eyes, but if you see something that interests you, better make a stop. In some sections the dirt road is challenging and deserves to be tackled carefully.

At a certain point the wheels of your ebike will return to asphalt and the climb will become challenging again.

When you get about 10 km from the start, you may find the road closed by a gate: don't worry! Open it and continue on your way, but don't forget to close it again after your passage! This is a boundary used by farmers to delimit the pastures of the cows that live in this montangna.

From here on, another couple of kilometres of steep ascent await you on a not particularly well maintained asphalt road with some notable bends. These are the last efforts. A few hairpin bends in quick succession welcome you to the summit of Monte Tuoro.

By the time you reach the radio antennas, you will be exactly 1,432 metres above sea level. Not bad, especially when you think that you started from only 700 metres: congratulations!

Take all the time you want to enjoy the landscape and take photos: you have deservedly earned it!

The road back to Chiusano San Domenico is exactly the same. Be careful going downhill and remember to close the gate as you pass. Take the opportunity to look at the landscapes from a different point of view than on the way out.

You will surely notice glimpses that you missed or that you could not see from the perspective of the outward journey. Stop to take selfies and souvenir photos: we are waiting for you in Chiusano San Domenico at our e-bike rental point to return the bike and to get your impressions of the day.

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