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Montemarano: what's to know

Montemarano is Popular Traditions and Tarantella, Aglianico wine and Carnival.

There are many reasons to visit this magnificent village in Irpinia, starting with the very high quality Aglianico wine that is produced from grapes grown on its fertile soils.

During the days of Carnival, the village is completely transformed: allegorical floats, disguises, pranks and a general spirit of merriment takes possession of the inhabitants of Montemarano and of all the numerous visitors who flock here, even from far and wide, just to take part. 

Montemarano is constantly visited by ethnomusicologists, ethnographers and sociologists from all over the world. The Tarantella montemaranese, the centuries-old traditions of the village and the overwhelming Carnival of Montemarano is the subject of countless publications and international studies that recognise and celebrate its uniqueness.

At the highest point of the village is the medieval castle, which today houses an interesting Wine Museum (for information on opening days and times, please contact the Municipality of Montemarano).

Take our advice: set aside some time to cycle around the historic centre of Montemarano in search of the best wine cellars and wine bars in the country, it is well worth it.

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