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Punto di noleggio e-bike - Taurasi

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Punto di noleggio e-bike - Taurasi: what's to know

Bicyclery is the Reveló e-bike rental point in Taurasi.

This rental point is ideal for exploring the lands of the great Irpinia docg wines: Taurasi, in fact, the town in the province of Avellino that gives its name to the wine of the same name. There are many prestigious wineries operating here that will be happy to welcome e-bike cyclists for unforgettable tastings.

In addition to being a rental outlet, Bicyclery is a bike shop run by experienced professionals, sportsmen and lifelong bike enthusiasts.

Bicyclery is always available for technical assistance and to provide valuable advice to anyone wishing to learn more about Taurasi and its splendid terittory.

Where it is Punto di noleggio e-bike - Taurasi

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Punto di noleggio e-bike - Taurasi

Viale Francesco Tedesco 19

Lunedì: 16:00 / 19:30; Dal martedì al sabato: 9:00 / 13:00 domenica: chiuso Nei giorni e negli orari di chiusura, il punto di noleggio apre su richiesta, per coloro i quali noleggiano un ebike attraverso BikeSquare o per coloro i quali prendono un appuntamento al telefono o via Whatsapp, contattando il numero 0825.31.139 ------------------- Monday : 16:00 / 19:30; Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00 / 13:00 Sunday: closed On closed days and times, the rental point opens on request, for those who rent an ebike through BikeSquare or for those who make an appointment over the phone or via Whatsapp, by contacting 0825.31.139