markers/turismo/panoramicview.png Summonte Lime Tree (Monumental Tree)

Summonte Lime Tree (Monumental Tree)

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Summonte Lime Tree (Monumental Tree): what's to know

The Summonte Lime Tree is the symbol of this splendid Irpinian town, not by chance counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

In addition to the Angioina Tower, the historic centre that can be visited by ebike and the many paths that make trekking and hiking enthusiasts happy, one of its most representative symbols is this majestic centuries-old lime tree that dominates the town's central square.

It is an approximately 250-year-old lime tree. 

Thanks to its impressiveness and its high botanical and ecological value, this tree is listed in the register of monumental trees of the Campania Region.

Where it is Summonte Lime Tree (Monumental Tree)

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Summonte Lime Tree (Monumental Tree)




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