Novello Wine Shop

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Novello Wine Shop: what's to know

At the Bottega del Vino (Wine Shop) you can find the best wines produced in Novello. It is located in crypt of Saint Sebastian, under the main church, and it was opened by the municipality in 1988. There are 42 wine firms associated. So far the visitors have appreciated this service and the qualified oenologic expertise of Novello wine producers. The Bottega del Vino is not only the place for promotion of the most famous product of this land, but also the aknowledgement to the work of producers. Their job has always been done with love and commitment with an ongoing balance between tradition and technique innovation. You can taste the wines: Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nas-cëtta. You can also rent BikeSquare e-bikes here.

Where it is Novello Wine Shop

Novello Wine Shop

Via Pallone IT 12060 - Novello ( CN )
+39 0173731147
Orari da marzo a dicembre: venerdi 14.30-19.00; sabato e domenica 10.30-12.30/14.30-19.00; lunedì 10.30-19.00.