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Fly with Balloon Team: what's to know

Balloon Team gives you the opportunity to fly - literally - above the Langhe. We can give you the reservation to a unique experience: flying above the UNESCO Langhe and Monferrato hills with a balloon and professional pilots. The balloon fies at the same wind speed, so when you are up in the sky there will be no noise and you will float in the air and enjoy the magnificent landscape from a unique point of view.

The balloon is a means of transport which uses wind and streams to move. It is not a static means, but it is always moving and it is totally unbound.

Only reserving through BikeSquare you will have an exclusive discount. The main starting point is in Barolo, reservation is mandatory.

Where it is Fly with Balloon Team

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Fly with Balloon Team

via Alba 79 IT 12060 - Barolo ( CN )

Solo su prenotazione. In caso di maltempo o di condizioni atmosferiche ritenute sfavorevoli dallo staff il volo sarà cancellato e rimborsato.
+39 01411858148
+39 3495438576