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Panchina gigante bianca (Monchiero): what's to know

The white Big Bench of Monchiero is part of the Big Bench Community Project created by Chris Bangle. Located in the heart of the Langhe, the Big Bench of Monchiero is a colorful and extravagant work of art that invites visitors to climb up and enjoy a breathtaking view of the ancient village and its surroundings. Built in 2010 as part of the Big Bench Community Project created by Chris Bangle, the giant white bench of Monchiero has become a must-see tourist attraction for lovers of nature, photography and unusual experiences.

From the Big Bench of Monchiero, a 360-degree panoramic view opens up over the rolling hills of the Langhe, the lush vineyards, the hazelnut groves and the medieval villages. The gaze rests on the mountain chain of the Alps, which stands out on the horizon, and on the Monviso, the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps. In the distance, on clear days, you can also see the city of Alba.

Monchiero and its surroundings are perfect for e-bike lovers, with panoramic paths that wind through the hills and villages. From here you can easily reach Monforte, Barolo and Dogliani.


Where it is Panchina gigante bianca (Monchiero)