Real Castle Verduno

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Real Castle Verduno: what's to know

The great door of the Real Castello, an ancient Savoy residence, is the guardian of a world where memories of the past are alive and history can be felt everywhere. The eighteenth-century wing of the Castle has been used as a hotel since 1953 and in the large internal garden it is possible to have lunch in the shade of century-old trees, dine by candlelight or enjoy handcrafted cocktails while watching the sunset. Cooking courses with traditional recipes are organized in the kitchens of the Castle. In the park there is a charging station for e-bikes available to guests.

Where it is Real Castle Verduno

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Real Castle Verduno

Piazza Canonico Borgna Don Pietro, 9
L’albergo è aperto dal 19 marzo al 30 Novembre. Il ristorante è aperto lunedì, giovedì, venerdì, sabato e domenica. Chiuso il Martedì e il Mercoledì. Orari: Settimanale 19:30/21:30 Sabato e domenica 12:30/14:00 – 19:30/21:30 Cocktail 16:00/19:00