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Starting from our ebike rental point of at Adriano Vini, follow the narrow road between the vineyards of San Rocco Seno d 'Elvio and which leads you in the centre from the country of Treiso. Here in Treiso, as in Barbaresco, you produce the prized Barbaresco wine that comes from the Nebbiolo grape vines 100%. Do you have a taste of tasting? book a tasting at the Aegar Cise Cisa Dei Marchesi Di Grésy, a historic wine reality of the Barbaresco area, whose roots sank at the end of the eighteenth century. In the saddle of our ebike, you can reach out without fatigue Three Stars even here you can prepare your tasting papilles to taste the wines of the area at an 'other wine cellar our partner, Rusel. You are now ready to continue to Barbaresco. Here you can park the ebikes and take a walk in the country where you could reach the top of the tower from which to take beautiful photos to the surrounding landscape. The route now takes you to Neive : perdenying yourself with wonder among its medieval alleys, you will soon understand why Neive is one of the most beautiful boroughs d 'Italy. Here in Neive you can arrange a stay and a tasting in the 'company brothers Toso, Cascina Longoria. You are now ready to return to the base by closing your ring in ebike between the vines of the Barbaresco.  


  • Departure from San Rocco Seno d'Elvio, Treiso, Neive, Barbaresco

  • 38 Km

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