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During the Second World War Ljubljana was encircled by a bob wire fence. It was a very difficult time for the locals: there was not enough food in the city and they were not allowed to exit and to go to the countryside as well.

After the war, in the area of the fence locals made a so-called Path of Remembrance and Friendship, a green ring around Ljubljana.

The trail is suitable for walking as well as for cycling. It is 34 km long and all the time well kept. There is an alley of more than 7000 trees and you are going to enjoy their shade throughout of the tour. 

You can start your tour at any place. The closest to the city centre is the part on the south - near Petrol gas station Barjanska 90. Later on just, follow the green and white sign.

In addition, we suggest doing the trail counter clockwise. This way you are going to have the steepest part at the beginning and later on, you can enjoy a pleasant, mainly flat ride.

The ebikes can be rented at the Center located in Ljubljana shopping area.


  • 34.00 Km

  • 6/14/24, 2:30 AM h

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