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Departure from the rental point in the castle of Petriolo, which definitely deserves a walk between the alleys, the churches and the cloths on the hills (on all that from St. Martin's Square).

It is set out from the castle, passing under the Torrione (Porta Rondella or Lu Torriò as it is said from these parts) dating back to the early 1500, to continue along a downhill road and arrive towards the scenic and intranquil Via delle Grazie, where you can stop to admire the view over the hills.

It is then continued along the paved road that leads all 'Fiastra abbey, to then make an intimate and panoramic detour along a tract of gravel road and a short dirt stretch.

At this point you go down, again in the paved and untransitioned road, towards the Urbisaglia Archaeological Park (which we recommend you to contact in advance for the visit). If you decide to support here, you will also be able to charge (but you will not need it).

The next stop is l 'Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra, which is reached by the easy dirt trail that is costing the Fiastra River. Here, too, it is possible to make a stop to rest and make a snack with the magnificent products of local farmers or in the bars and restaurants present in the 'area. I inform you that in the antistante area l 'Abbey and in the antistanti meadows it is not possible l 'access to the bikes, which you can take to your hand in the forbidden zone.

We are now embarking on the return to the Petriolo borough, following first a zig zag path near the woods and then returning to tarmac.

At this point you can decide to continue along the trace, which proposes a detour (with possibility of soak in the cellar), or continue along the same stretch of road made all 'gone.

The tour is about 28 kilometers long, or a pair less without the last deviation.

Singletrack : 1.00 km
Path : 8.44 km
Road : 478 m
Strada : 16.9 km
Out of network (unknown) : 1.10 km
Unpaved : 8.87 km
Paved : 336 m
Paved : 5.62 km
Asfalto : 5.62 km
Unknown : 13

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