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Bike Monviso is a cycle route suitable for everyone that runs through the territories of Paesana, Sanfront, Rifreddo, Gambasca, Martiniana Po and Revello. The itinerary is divided into 3 loops of about 15 km each that can also be cycled individually. In addition to the help of the BikeSquare app navigator, you can follow the blue arrows with white "Bike Monviso" writing, which will accompany you between gentle climbs and descents on tarmac roads and easy dirt tracks.

What to see in Paesana

Wedged between Monviso and Monte Bracco, Paesana lies at the centre of the Po valley. Divided into two villages, spread over the two banks of the Po and named after the two parishes of Santa Maria and Santa Margherita. Definitely worth a visit are the two parishes just mentioned, the hamlet of Ghisola, which still preserves ancient rustic buildings, the hamlet of Calcinere with its 19th-century church of Sant'Antonio Abate, and Agliasco, a locality with a preferential view of Monviso.

What to see in Sanfront

Leaning against the walls of Monbracco, under a rocky outcrop, stands Balma Boves, a charming hamlet where time seems to have stopped in the Middle Ages and which recalls the villages of the pueblos navajos. In fact, the last inhabitants of this village abandoned it in the 1950s when its location was unsuitable for modern life. Today transformed into an eco-museum, it reminds us of when man, in these valleys, still lived in perfect harmony with nature, knowing how to exploit natural resources without abusing them.

What to see in Revello

The municipality of Revello lies at the foot of Monbracco; there is evidence of a settlement in the area as far back as Roman times. It flourished in the Middle Ages during the marquisate of Ludovico II and Margherita di Foix. Monuments of high artistic and cultural interest date back to that period, such as the Collegiata, a 15th-century church frescoed by a famous Flemish painter, and the Cappella Marchionale, a splendid example of late-Gothic architecture.


  • 40 Km

  • 4/24/24, 4:00 AM h

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