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This medium-difficulty ebike tour will allow you to discover a side valley of the Po valley, rich in forests and local producers of apples, ramasin and Pelaverga wine. The Bronda valley runs between the territories of Paesana and Saluzzo, starting from the municipality of Castellar and climbing up the valley to the Colletta di Brondello where it connects with the Varaita valley.

The ring consists of an asphalt part that climbs the valley as far as Isasca and an optional return route, recommended only for expert cyclists with at least 50% ebike charge and suitable bikes, on dirt tracks that are as beautiful as they are challenging.

The road winds along a hilly landscape covered with lush vegetation of beech, chestnut and oak trees in the upper part and orchards and vineyards in the lower part. The route, as well as the road, runs up the Bronda stream, from which the valley takes its name. The conformation of the valley allows for a cool and breezy climate in summer and mild in winter, ideal for cycling throughout the year and for the development of a flourishing agriculture of fruit trees and vineyards.

The Ramasins

Pedalling along the roads in the valley you will pass typical ramasin or darmasin orchards, for the non-Piedmontese these are small violet plums with a distinctive flavour, try it to believe it! The origin of the name refers to the territory where this plant comes from, the city of Damascus in Syria. It is a very old cultivation that has found the perfect habitat in the hills of the Bronda valley and has earned this product the title of Slow Food Presidium.

The Pelaverga

Another important local product is pelaverga, a ruby red wine with raspberry and cherry aromas. This vine finds an excellent environment in the microclimate of the Bronda valley and its origin is lost in the mists of time: the Romans already cultivated this vine as it was thought to have aphrodisiac powers. Its diffusion in these areas dates back to 1500 when the Marchioness of Saluzzo donated a bottle of Pelaverga to Pope Julius II and he was enthusiastic about it, encouraging its cultivation.

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