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It is part of the rental point Bike Square of Arquata Scrivia and crosses the centre inhabited in the direction of the archaeological site of the 'ancient city of Libarna, one of the main in Piedmont for wealth of exhibits such as l 'amphitheatre, theatre, living quarters with some urban streets and the three-dimensional reconstruction of the terms, urban doors and the public forum. Finished the visit returns to Arquata and you reach out to Don Minzoni and follow the communal road to Partolungo, a fraction of Gavi. And ' a beautiful road that through a wooded and quiet area, location Pratolungo, arrives at the Provincial Road 161. It goes through, it goes up in the Lungarola direction and takes place by taking the curve to the left. It is continued curving to the left and delaying on S.P. 161 to reach the evocative Historical Center of Gavi, d 'tourist interest for the numerous historical testimonies between which the Romanesque Church of S. Giacomo, the Palazzo Municipalee l 'ancient port of the city date back to the XVI sec. There is no shortage of Gavi the many typical local products among which are leading the l 'wine-free Gavi doc among the most renowned Italian whites and the almond amarets from the exclusive recipe. A strapiombo on the ancient borgo of Gavi stands out l 'omonima Fortress cinquecentesca, on a natural rock, today a visitor to the museum structure. Finished the visit to Gavi returns to Arquata by imbuing Via Piona and through a path even partly stumped, again reaching the location of Pratolungo and reprisals on the round-trip path. In Arquata it cannot miss a visit to the old 'Ancient Storm Centre, including the Via Interiore, where numerous alleys are arriched with stone portals dating from the thirteenth century and fifth-century arcs and arcs with sixth-acute arches. Among the buildings you note the Gotica house marked by an ' original wooden structure with murary tamponade. After a gymnastic standoff in one of the many local citizens, it is part of the rental point of Bike Square.


  • Departure from Arquata Scrivia

  • 25 Km

  • 2 h

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